Four different spots. Four unique spaces, both in character and theme, destined to offer you a 360° culinary experience.
From local to Asian cuisine, we are making fine taste part of your travel. Every dish, every ingredient, every wine label, is a specially selected fragment of a wider image.
A spectrum that includes almost every element of fine gastronomy. An expanded approach on taste, that fits perfectly the overall accommodation experience Domes offers you.


According to myth, Poseidon and the beautiful nymph Korkyra were a pair of star-crossed lovers, and that’s the reason she brought her to this -unnamed back then- island.
You on the other hand, will find it difficult to escape the gravitational waves of our breakfast buffet. Every morning, your day starts the way it should: A plethora of choices, made almost exclusively by local products and based on Greek recipes, accompanied by smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. .
Our dinner-only fine dining hall hosts every night a limited number of gastronomy aficionados, who can choose between 3 degustation menus -with 6, 10 and 6 dishes respectively, and of course vegetarian choices. The restaurant puts an emphasis on fresh, local produce -especially fish- and organic ingredients, while a handpicked wine list completes your dining experience. All it takes to be part of this culinary celebration of Greek fusion cuisine, is to follow the star…




Every great story has a catchy intro. Take Ulysses and Nausicaa for example, and how the waves of the Ionian sea brought him in Phaeacia, after drifting for quite some time.
In present day Corfu, Miramare’s guests are having the privilege to be initiated in the Mediterranean and Corfiot cuisines by a Michelin-starred chef… .
Also, it will be hard to resist our live station for omelets and eggs, along with our dairy section, with a wide selection of cheese varieties and types of milk -from cow and goat to buffalo and donkey!


Sharing is an amazing experience. And we surely are happy to share with you Miramare’s main culinary concept: A menu that brings together the local and the international, provide you with both premium meat and vegetarian choices, and treats comfort food and mezedes the right way.
Whether is lunch or dinner time, you will have the chance to enjoy a salade niçoise, but the freshness and irresistible character of a Greek salad will amaze you.
A fine pasta dish might sound tempting, but a glass of wine, some Greek appetizers and a good company sounds amazing… Right?


Stylish and ambient, Raw is a Sushi and Cocktail bar, run by a renowned progressive team that brings in the latest Asian fusion tastes and mixology trends.
Right above the dining area, Raw offers a stunning sea view, best enjoyed with a selection of premium sushi -prepared in its open kitchen by our sushi chef- along with some fine champagne -or an exquisite cocktail by the aknowledged mixologists team of Vogatsikou 3.
Right after 18:00, the threshold of fine taste awaits you. Don’t just stand there… Enter!
miramare (4)


There was a time, when the King of Greece was hosting his royal guests in a hotel’s bar. His love for the color blue was equal to his love for that place, and that was the reason it was painted and decorated according to His Majesty’s preferences.
That venue was a pole of attraction for other royalties as well, along with jet setters and well-known personalities, who have hosted their parties there. Sounds mythical, right?
That time might seem like centuries ago, but Miramare proudly revives the myth of Blue Bar. In a bohemian cool setting with many collectibles and a distinct essence of personal style, every drink enthusiast will have the chance to enjoy premium spirits over the sounds of the piano, while sitting at the counter or next to the fire place… Here’s to colorful summer nights!
Pool 2


Somewhere between the main swimming pool and the beachfront, lies your refreshing haven.
During the day’s hottest times -or not- the pool bar with its lounge ambience is the place to be when it comes to enjoy light snacks -such as sandwiches, salads, and finger food, freshly made fruit juices, and -of course- summer cocktails…




Of course, there’s always the chance to spend some time -or even the entire day- indoors.
Since we wouldn’t want you to miss a thing from your Miramare experience, our 24h room service is available to you, with a selection from all day and snack menus.