Arts, crafts, gastronomy, ecotourism, industrial heritage… The Corfiot book of experiences has many and interesting chapters, each with its own uniqueness, character, and concept, which await the island’s visitor. We carefully hand-picked the best this island has to offer, and we present them to you as part of a complete Ionian experience! 
Here follows an outline of our suggested itineraries for special moments you will remember and talk about for years to come..
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Patounis Soap Factory is more than a mere manufacturing unit. It is a time portal that brings you a sense of authenticity and history, as it has been a listed monument of industrial heritage since 2008, and it is preserved with the functioning tools and equipment which are dated from 1891!
See how traditional soap is made since 1850 from locally produced olive products with unique ancestral recipes and methods -and only the basic raw material of traditional soap manufacture with no additives- and follow Apostolos (the representative of the fifth generation of the Patounis family) in a free tour of the premises! The factory is open to the public from midday onwards, and you can include this stop if you decide to tour the old city! 


Everyday upon request

Subtle design, minimal, asymmetrical forms, and a combination of earthy tones and vivid colors. Not your average souvenir, right? Myrto, a former architect and interior designer, is the owner of Myrto Zirini Ceramics, a contemporary workshop and showroom of one-of-a-kind pieces in the Mouragia area of Corfu Town.
Don’t miss the chance to pay a visit. She will gladly welcome you, talk to you about her work -and how she perceives the whole process as sort of making “cultural fossils”- and even give you a small insight of the creation of these time and style resilient pieces. 


Upon request

Wine. gastronomy. Culture. Ambelonas is the Greek word for the vineyard. At the heart of the island, a multi-purpose establishment is a point of reference when it comes to Corfiot tradition and hospitality. The estate is located 6 km from the island’s capital, and its unique position provides an outstanding panoramic view of Central Corfu. The vineyard’s production is produced by traditional methods and aged in oak barrels, and the old facilities were rebuilt in 2004 to house pre-industrial olive oil and wine making equipment.
If you’ll decide to visit, you can also taste Corfiot cuisine at its best! The Ambelonas’ restaurant -and Mrs. Vassiliki, an excellent cook, and a true expert when it comes to local gastronomy- await you to dine, taste the Estate’s wine, and even participate in a cooking class!


Everyday, upon request


The Dafnis Family produces The Governor Olive Oil for three generations now. Visiting their grove and premises is an unforgettable experience!
Choose between the 60’-90’ Olive Oil Tour -which includes visiting the traditional machinery and the olive mill areas, where they will explain to you all the stages of processing and extraction of the olive oil, tasting fine olive oil and access the exhibition and olive oil store with their multi-awarded products- or the 180’ Governor’s Olive Tour -which includes a guided tour in the age–old olive grove of Corfu and the unique Lianolia variety, an olive oil seminar and tasting with a certificate of participation, and the chance to adopt or sponsor a Corfiot olive tree! 


Everyday, upon request

See it in action and taste it yourself!

The kumquat is Corfu’s signature fruit. It closely resembles orange -only much smaller and ovular- and is mainly used to make jams, jellies, drinks, and traditional desserts. The Mavromatis family specializes since 1965 in processing and bottling kumquat in liqueurs and sweets. Its tradition and heritage can be discovered in the distillery’s exhibition area, where you will find an impressive amount of old equipment, along with audiovisual material which will introduce you to all the production stages of kumquat. Afterward, feel free to be part of a complimentary tasting -followed by a visit to the shop within the premises!


Everyday, upon request
Enjoy a beer tasting experience, bolster your beer knowledge and learn about what’s in the pint…Tour around the facilities with a trained member, who will elaborate every stage of the brewing process. 
The Corfiot north offers you fascinating landscapes, historical landmarks, and the chance to visit a unique microbrewery! Right outside Arillas, Corfu Beer is not just the top local provider of ales and IPAs (+8 more varieties) but also a great chance to learn more about the world of brewing through a free guided tour -and while you’re learning, you are invited to sample the beer and non-alcoholic ginger ales! After the 90′ tour, don’t forget to stop by the gift shop, where you can find the entire product range along with branded merchandise -from t-shirts to beer glasses.
Pool Bar


Weekly, upon request
The difference between a good and a great cocktail is in the details. And this workshop can be a great start for your introduction to the secrets of mixology in the most fun and exciting way!
A 60′ session once a week will give you the opportunity to find out everything you need to know about preparing the ideal cocktail: From choosing the ideal glass that fits the cocktail’s serving character, to the proper spirits to pick and mix, the ideal use of ice, even some tips about unusual -yet surprisingly matching- material pairings. Of course, every proper course has the same happy ending: You, preparing your own cocktail all by yourself! 


Everyday, upon request

Summer adrenaline rush Vol.1
From Jeep Safari excursion to luxury yachting, X Adventure Club is the first name you think of when someone mentions outdoor activities in Corfu.
Focusing on the beauty of nature, gastronomy and local culture, the Club’s team organizes themed tours and day trips throughout the whole year. Their flagship 6-hour excursion includes off-roading by the lake, a mini cruise, and a series of gastronomic escapades -such as a visit to a local kumquat distillery, a tasting session and a tour at Corfu Beer, and a traditional Greek coffee drink at Lakones. In addition, they also implement tailor-made tours, with activities such as hiking, cycling or SUP. Talking about an Xciting way to Xperience Corfu!


Everyday, upon request

Summer adrenaline rush Vol.2
On the southwest part of the island, in the area of Chalikunas, Corfu’s Kite Club offers to its visitors a more exciting and adrenaline-friendly aspect of Corfu.
Right at a mile-long sandy beach -where the regularly occurring side-shore wind from the north-western ensures optimal conditions for teaching and kiting- you can either get in touch with your adventurous side or simply enjoy a seaside trekking route between the clear waters and the Corfiot flora. And if the action of the walking will make you feel hungry, there are plenty of small taverns around with delicious proposals…


Everyday, upon request

Corfu might be a fascinating destination, but she is surrounded by an equally enchanting landscape; the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea. And if you feel like exploring them, we have the most luxurious and chic suggestion: Our own Miramaretta’!
Enjoy a mesmerizing boat ride, which gives you a different, luxurious perspective on the island’s beauty, as you stand on its deck! Don’t miss the chance to admire the dazzling coastline and all the island’s highlights -such as the regal Mon Repo- from a privileged perspective. Treat yourself with a truly magical experience, that truly fits the Ionian spirit!