Haute Living


Floor plans and images are for illustration purposes only. Actual room layout, size and details may vary from those shown.

A world of supreme accommodation for the sophisticated global traveler, in Greece’s most aristocratic destination!
Domes Miramare Corfu introduces Haute Living Selection, an exclusive concept
which is already part of two more Domes resorts in Chania and Elounda, Crete.
Third time is a charm, and this one is as luxurious as it gets!
The HL Selection is applicable to HRH Ivory Villa and HRH Pearl Villa and all types of Pavilions (Pavilion Retreat Sea View,
Pavilion Retreat Waterfront, Pavilion Suite Sea View & Pavilion Suite Waterfront, Grand Pavilion Sea View, Grand Pavilion Waterfront),
and complements them in terms of services of amenities in the most stunning way!

Unlimited access

to Haute Living Room

Made by marble, glass, and sunshine, the Haute Living Room is an exclusive elite lounge,
accessible only to Haute Living Selection guests.
While you’re gazing at the Ionian blue, you will have the chance to enjoy a variety
of all-day included services, such as the following:
  • The minute you will set foot in Miramare’s lobby, three things will astound you:
    The olive tree in the middle of the entrance lounge, the stunning view of the Ionian Sea,
    and the check-in experience.
    It is our way to welcome you in the most appropriate manner!
  • We are sure you’ll be fascinated by Corfu’s beauty and Miramare’s style.
    But beyond the landscape, the weather or the design, there is something that can make
    an actual difference when it comes to your stay: our people.
    This is why we have arranged a dedicated manager for all our HLS guests.
    Whatever you need, whenever you need it, as simple as that!
  • Upon arrival, you will receive a special, one-button cell phone.
    Even though our entire staff is at your disposal, whenever you’ll feel like getting in touch
    with Miramare’s HLS Manager, she or he will be just a click away!
  • We are sure you’re not in a hurry to leave. This is why we help you make the most
    out of your Miramare experience, by minimizing the time spent on formalities
    -such as your check out. You just got yourself some extra time here…
    Enjoy it!
  • The good thing about memories is that they don’t occupy any luggage space.
    However, we suggest you should save some for our farewell gift.
    As for what it may be, well… allow us to save some surprises for last, will you?
    *The HLS can be combined with all other offers

enter haute living!

Please send us your request at [email protected] or visit the booking section. If you require additional information,
please don‘t hesitate to contact one of our holiday consultants through our live chat platform.