All aboard the Miramaretta!

It’s easy to create an emotional connection with such a breathtaking destination as Corfu.
All it takes is to explore its unique side. And about 20 minutes.
That’s the duration of Miramaretta’s voyage from the city of Corfu to Domes Miramare.

A mesmerizing boat ride, which gives you a different, luxurious perspective on the island’s beauty.
While you stand on the deck, feel free to gaze at the Old Town of Corfu -along with the walkway that also serves as a runway! And as you’ll leave the urban scenery behind, you’ll have the chance to admire the dazzling coastline and the regal Mon Repo from a privileged spot, before reaching the Moraitika beach and Miramare’s dock.



It’s more than an original way to move from the hotel to the city of Corfu -or vice versa.
It is a truly magical experience, that truly fits the Ionian spirit.

No request too large, no detail too small