If just an olive branch can signify peace, image what a grove full of centuries-old olive trees can do.
Serenity and inner balance are two values deeply rooted and equally appreciated here. This is why we are incorporating all sorts of related activities wherever the premises can be an appropriate stage. For example, we couldn’t think of a more suitable place to host our yoga classes than the grassy green olive garden at the beachfront.
There are of course indoors facilities and services. You can always arrange a personal training session, followed by a relaxing massage or other wellness treatments in the resort’s spa suites. And for those special few, there’s the Soma Spa Suite at the VVIP area…
When it comes to training, whether you choose to join a small group or treat yourself with a personal training session, the choices are many and the results are remarkable. Our morning outdoors groups with either mobility flow or core training programs are giving you the chance to rise, exercise and shine! As for our afternoon sessions, choose between momentum, functional training with free weights, thera bands, kettlebells, rip training, or TRX ropes. No matter what you’ll pick, you’ll definitely give a different tone to your stay!
As for our personal training service, it is a tailor-made service that aims to suit your fitness goals. Our certified trainers will not simply guide you, but they will also motivate you and provide you with the necessary feedback. Turn your private villa into a shrine of wellness and performance, unless you want to use our fitness studio, fitted with cutting-edge Technogym® equipment, where every training session transforms into a unique fitness experience!
Spa Suite


When was the last time you had a spa treatment with a breathtaking view of the Ionian?
There’s a place by the sea where personalized service is as exclusive as it gets, and not just as a mere parenthesis of wellness. Located in Miramare’s most private area, this lavish suite consists of two separate spaces -one for solo and one for couples’ treatments- along with a lounge for nail treatments.
Just like every other service in Miramare, personalization is a key aspect.
From our professional staff’s attention to detail to the use of prestigious brands like Elemis and Codage Paris, it’s easy to identify that Soma Spa is the cornerstone of the resort’s overall wellness approach. An ultimate relaxation experience, a dazzling feature that completes in the most suitable way your stay at Miramare!
Please note that Soma Spa is an appointment-only facility, whether you want to treat yourself or you want a guided tour of the suite’s facilities.